Redo Bariatric Surgery

Revisional bariatric surgery is surgery performed on patients that have undergone previous weight loss surgery but have experienced one or more of the following:

  • Complications and reduction of quality of life
  • Insufficient weight loss
  • Weight regain after achieving weight loss goals

Dr Dillemans has become an expert in revisional bariatric surgery and performs an average of 8 to 10 revisional procedures a week. The most common procedure is the conversion of the Gastric Band to the Gastric Bypass.

Revision weight loss surgery is more invasive than primary bariatric surgery and the risks and benefits should be thoroughly discussed . The decision to undergo revision weight loss surgery is a major decision as it is considered a riskier surgery than first time weight loss surgery.

Complications and quality of life 

In some cases, patients can feel unsatisfied with their weight loss after bariatric surgery. Other patients are suffering from complications such as slippage or migration of the band, severe reflux after a Mason Gastroplasty, ...

The most common revisional surgery is the conversion of the Gastric Band to the Gastric Bypass.The Gastric Band can also have a serious impact on the Quality of Life, since some kinds of food are no longer tolerated.

A conversion to a Gastric Bypass can be a good option with good results in terms of sustainable weight loss and quality of life.


Insufficient Weight Loss or Weight Regain

Gastric bypass surgery can be an effective treatment for obesity, and most people do lose weight after the procedure. But you'll always be at risk of regaining weight, even years later. To help reach your weight-loss goal and prevent weight regain, it's crucial to make lifestyle changes along with having gastric bypass surgery.

Nevertheless,  In some cases, we see that the pouch has dialated ,leading to less restriction. The placing of an adjustable band on the remaining pouch of the Gastric Bypass can be a surgical option. Another option is a reduction of the pouch.